Runes – £15, including P+P

Every hand-sewn pouch is made from re-cycled fabric, so that each one is different.  They contain a complete set of 25 runes, drawn on pieces of shell from our local beach. The runes are lightly varnished, and also enclosed is an instruction sheet, explaining briefly the history of runes, the meaning of each rune, and how to do a sample reading.

The film ‘Stardust’ featured Runes in the story-line, and, more recently, The Hobbit ( my favourite film of all time!!) did too, when Gandalf drew a Runic symbol on the door……it would be nice if this helps a few more people become interested in them!!  

( When ordering, please state if you would like a feminine flowery-type pouch, or a plainer one if it’s for a male recipient!!)

Runes – £15.00, inc P+P