House Cleansing

House Cleansing – £, including P+P

There may be many reasons the energy and atmosphere in your home feels a little ‘flat’ and a good spring-clean doesn’t fix it.

Perhaps you have recently moved and your home doesn’t feel ‘yours’ yet, or you may want to move and your home isn’t selling. Perhaps someone has left the home, and  the house needs some fresh energy coming in? 

Reiki energy can be used to provide a boost whenever and wherever it’s needed – all that I need is an address and a brief description of any problems. I  will then ‘ send’ Reiki energy , and there will hopefully be an increase in well-being and optimism!I would really appreciate feedback too – it’s always empowering for me to see how Reiki  helps people. A donation of your choice is accepted in exchange for sending this energy – thank you.