As Part of my work with Reiki, I send distant healing.


If you wish we can liase so that the times are co-ordinated and the recipient can be “waiting”. I think Reiki is a wonderful energy and I’d like to share it so that others can benefit. A donation is accepted as payment for my time, effort and committment to the healing . It will go towards my morning cofee and croissant at the stupendous Rocket House on the sea-front – thank you.If you would like me to send some Reiki energy to someone, please send me their photo. It does not have to be a good photo or even a recent one. Just write their name on the back of the photo – please do not send me any more details than that. I will send Reiki healing energy to that person, and┬áput them in my Reiki energy box. If you would like this sent for an animal, that works too, just send the photo with the name on the back. I regret I can not return photos, so please do not send anything that is irreplaceable. If you would like to send the photo as an attachment via an email, this is not a problem as the photo can be printed off from here.