Decorated and energy-charged beach shells

Decorated and energy-charged beach shells – £4, including P+P

I love walking along our shore-line,  (usually after a coffee at our local Rocket House cafe – best coffee and croissants!!) and I’m always aware  of how lucky I am to have this on my door-step. I am also passionate about Reiki and its benefits, and thought it would be a good idea to combine the joys of beach-combing with the energy of Reiki. So the shells I find are taken home and washed,  decorated with a simple design, and varnished.  Each shell comes with an appropriate quote or saying that links with the picture on the shell – the boat comes with a quote about sailing, for example.  
Finally, the shells are charged with energy to give your aura a sparkle,  and  they can be placed under a pillow, kept by the phone, put in a purse, or held whilst you day-dream or meditate …….the energy will be there when needed ….enjoy your shell !!!

Beach Shells – £4.00, inc P+P