Reiki PillowWelcome to my site! My name is Tessa Hardie, I am a Reiki practitioner and I make a small selection of gifts which I ‘charge’ with Reiki energy. As this energy can be stored in almost anything, I can ‘charge’ and infuse my gifts to send out love and well-being.

Reiki is a Japanese word, which roughly translated means ‘universal energy’. It is a therapy that benefits mind, body and spirit, and I discovered Reiki myself in my late forties, in the middle of the blackest and bleakest episode of my life. A daughter was offered Reiki by a family member. I’d heard of Reiki but the results were, to me, life changing. I became a convert, and then became a Reiki practitioner myself, and now have my own ‘Reiki room’ complete with couch, feather pillows, a warm blanket,  and tapes playing floaty-drifty music!

I am passionate about Reiki and know it has many,many benefits.  Thank you for visiting my site – I hope you like it!